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PH: 608-238-3121

Our Officers

In Presbyterian tradition, the Session is comprised of Ruling Elders, elected and ordained by the congregation. It is the Ruling Elders and not the Pastors (also known as Teaching Elders) who govern our congregation.

Current Session Members:

Class of 2014:     Sandy Curran,  Ruth Hein,  Bill Tanke,  Jeff Zebrowski,  Peggy Douma

Class of 2015:     Jeff Hayes,  Carl Martin,  Dick Zimmer, Agnes Dako, Lu Kummerow

Class of 2016:     Mike Johnson, Kathy Kamp, Bud Smith, Paul Thompson, Jim Zellmer


Board of Deacons

Westminster is also led by a team of Deacons. In Presbyterian tradition, this is also an elected and ordained position. Deacons care for our congregation, tending to those who are ill or experiencing difficulties, and maintaining contact and communication with all members.

Current Deacons:

Deacons Meeting

Class of 2014:     Cynthia Bush,  Richard Hein,  Cindy Kornetzke,  Karen Osborne,  Ann Rowley

Class of 2015:     Jan Browning,  Kathy DePaul,   Julie Madden,  Judie Olsen,  Nancy Zellmer

Class of 2016:     Joyce Buseman, Jerry Donnell, Sharon Donnell, Jamie Ringsmuth, Linda Tanke