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Westminster Church began in 1912 as a Sunday School outreach of Christ Presbyterian Church to the growing west side of Madison.  In the next 4 years their numbers grew and with them the idea that a new church was needed to serve this growing population.  In 1916 Westminster Presbyterian Church was chartered by the national Presbyterian Church.  During the next 35 years the church worshiped and served in the Monroe – Spooner area.  As Westminster’s numbers continued to grow and the population of Madison continued to grow westward, the congregation felt that there was need for a larger building and they acquired the land at 4100 Nakoma Road.For the almost 100 years of life as a congregation, Westminster has served the community with love and grace joining with partners of all faiths in an ecumenical nature reaching out to a hurting world.  Join us as we follow with faith in Christ.

A Westminster Welcome

The Westminster Presbyterian Church in Madison, Wisconsin welcomes you into our community of faith. We hope you find a caring and Christian community where you can worship God and find a place to participate in our vision of the world in which we live.

On this website we share with you how our church is organized and some of the people who lead. Included also are worship, educational, mission and social opportunities in which you and your family can participate.

We extend this as a way for you to share your faith and service with us as we attempt to implement Westminster Presbyterian Church’s mission and vision to our congregation, local community and the world around us.

Welcome to Westminster.

Westminster’s Mission Statement

Ever seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit, we strive to follow Jesus Christ by being…

Attentive to the Word

We foster thoughtful meditation on the Word of God and openness to the Holy Spirit as it is manifest in the Gospel, in others and in ourselves. Westminster seeks to be a church that educates and nurtures us in our spiritual faith.

Faithful to our covenant with God and each other

We come together in fellowship through the love of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. Westminster seeks to be a church that strengthens the bonds of mutual love, understanding and service.

Diligent in ministering to the needs of the world

We commit ourselves to mission causes in our community and the world at large. Westminster seeks to be a church that shows the power of commitment through our stewardship of energy, intelligence, imagination and love.

 Westminster’s Vision Statement

Trusting in the eternal goodness of God, and

Blessed by an abundance of God’s grace;

Aware of the poor and lonely in our backyard, and

Humble in the knowledge that our gifts, while many,

may only begin to make a difference;

 We, at Westminster, nevertheless boldly commit ourselves to:

serving each other and those in need in our congregation, our community, and across the world;

partnering with our schools and teachers to educate all children and providing   opportunities for young people to lead productive, fulfilling lives;

caring for the vulnerable, the lost and the lonely;

welcoming and including all God’s children;

making Westminster vibrant in our community;

promoting ecumenical and interfaith relationships, honoring differences, and joining in common cause to do good;

protecting and renewing all God’s  creation; the land, the water, the animals, and the people;

acting with courage to bring peace, justice, and comfort to all; by

joyfully worshipping, singing and praising God, who has created and loves us.


In making these commitments, we seek not to be “conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds so that we may discern the will of God”. We are always striving to grow as disciples.


For we as individuals and the Westminster congregation are blessed with unique talents and resources. Inspired by the example of our Lord, Jesus Christ we make a positive difference in the world; we alleviate suffering; and we discover hope where there is despair. We rejoice in God’s grace and goodness as we live in harmony with one another in God’s glorious creation.

“For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever.” Amen

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