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We strive to follow Jesus Christ by being… ​​ ​​​​ Diligent​​ in​​ ministering to the needs of the world

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The​​ Foundation for Madison Public Schools​​ is committed to supporting the education of every child by​​ developing community partnerships and advocating for Madison’s public schools. Westminster is a long term partner in their​​ Adopt-A-School​​ program with​​ Thoreau Elementary School, providing​​ 


direct monetary support to the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO);*


cold weather clothing and backpacks for students;


interaction and encouragement to students, serving as Pen Pals and being​​ interviewed by second grade students for class projects; and


full funding and books for the Thoreau Summer Reading Program, which prevents "summer slide" and keeps students learning and advancing year-round.

Westminster also participates​​ in the Foundation's​​ A Principal Experience program at Thoreau Elementary School and​​ Cherokee Heights Middle School. This program provides a hands-on opportunity to experience the rewards as well as the challenges that Madison Metropolitan School District principals, teachers, and students face on a daily basis.​​ We are increasing our outreach to Cherokee by initially providing support for their new​​ on site food pantry project.


*Thoreau Principal Kathleen Costello wrote​​ "The PTO uses this money to pay for fieldtrips that families can't pay for, food, cab rides to get families to school and home if needed, emergencies when a family becomes​​ homeless, and school pictures that families cannot pay for, and every student receives a school yearbook whether they can pay for them or not."