We strive to follow Jesus Christ by being…​​ Diligent​​ in ministering to the needs of the world

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For two years Westminster planned, implemented and supported food programs for needy students and families at our​​ Adopt-a-School​​ partners Thoreau and Cherokee Heights schools in collaboration with the​​ Food​​ for Thought Initiative. When Wisconsin schools closed on March 13, the school’s staff, with neighbor-hood help, moved​​ the Cherokee food pantry and the Thoreau weekend food program to Westminster’s Fellowship Hall. With leadership from the school’s social workers and PTOs, the initial plan was to continue to support these programs for the schools with volunteers from the​​ neighborhood.

 ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ The size and success of the program, initially feeding over 300 individuals, raising funds for food and other necessities, including over $4,300 from Westminster’s Mission Committee, quickly brought change. The West-minster site is now the United Way​​ COVID-19 Food Packaging with Door Stop Delivery for the Madison​​ West High Area Collaborative, which includes families from Thoreau, Franklin, Leopold, Lincoln, Midvale, Randall, Shorewood, and Van Hise Elementary Schools, Cherokee Heights, Hamilton, and Wright Middle Schools, and West High. Most recently, supported by over 70 volunteers, the Collaborative is providing food for about 350 families and has raised about​​ $75,000, much of it from the school PTOs and recently $25,000 from United Way. ​​ Most of the shelf stable food comes from the Second Harvest and River food pantries supplemented with food brought in from Westminster’s access to the Community Action Coalition food bank. The funds raised are used to purchase perishable food and other necessities. Use the link above to volunteer to help.​​ 





Westminster’s Fellowship Hall food pantry



Loading cars for food delivery


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The first week’s food-box​​ delivery from the River food pantry