We strive to follow Jesus Christ by being…​​ Attentive​​ to the Word

In the summer of 2019 Pastor Scott gave a 7-week sermon series focused on the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer for today. Jesus taught his disciples what is now the best-known prayer in Christianity as a result of a request from his disciples, “Lord, teach us to pray.” Prayer is one of the most basic and potentially most transformative spiritual practices of our faith. The seven-week series examines the Lord’s Prayer line by line we seek to understand the life of​​ prayer for Christians. How does God answer prayer? How do we Presbyterians understand prayer? If we are reluctant pray-ers, can the Lord’s prayer teach​​ how​​ to pray? We consider these and many other questions about the life of prayer. Each Sunday many gathered after the service for an illuminating exploration of the sermon, providing a nuanced, contemporary understanding of the Lord’s Prayer. Sermon audio links are below.


Week 1:​​ Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Week 2:​​ Our Father, Who Art in Heaven, Hallowed be Your Name

Week 3:​​ Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done

Week 4:​​ Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Week 5:​​ Forgive Us Our Debts, as We​​ Forgive Our Debtors

Week 6:​​ Lead Us Not into Temptation, but Deliver Us from Evil

Week 7:​​ For Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and​​ the Glory Forever