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We strive to follow Jesus Christ by being…​​ Attentive​​ to the Word

Adults gather after worship for a conversation based on the morning's spiritual focus and sermon, with the​​ pastor leading a critical examination of the scripture reading. Often revealing, enlightening, profound, and enjoyable, this is an hour of great spiritual communion within our congregation. We learn from other's questions while seeking answers to our own,​​ we explore different viewpoints and hear of personal engagements with the text in our daily lives, and we leave with the knowledge that the hour was very meaningful and very well spent


About once each month, the Bible study and sermon talk-back session is replaced by the Adult Forum, featuring speakers from the community leading a discussion on a variety of spiritual, informational, or current events. Recent presentations at the Adult Forum included Congregational's restorative justice project, the work and impact of the Dane County Boys & Girls Club, and global climate change by UW-Madison Professor Jonathan Martin.