Westminster returned to in-person worship at 9:45 AM on Pentecost Sunday, May 23. A welcoming letter from Pastor Scott Anderson discusses the modifications to the worship service and​​ other gatherings necessitated by the continuing COVID-19 pandemic can be read​​ here.​​ 


Online and recorded worship and bulletin links can be found​​ here.


The Session has adopted​​ Churchwide COVID Guidelines and Covenant. We are asking each person who comes to church to abide by these guidelines to participate in worship and other church activities in the building in as safe a way as possible. Please read these carefully.​​ 


Click here​​ to view the complete​​ Westminster Presbyterian Church COVID 19 GUIDE & POLICIES​​ adopted by session April 27, 2021


Table of Contents:​​ 

  • Letter from Pastor Scott – PAGE 2​​ 

  • WPC - Church-wide Pandemic Guidelines and Covenant – PAGE 3​​ 

  • Guidelines for All Groups Using Church Facilities – PAGE 5​​ 

  • Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines – PAGE 6​​ 

  • Guidelines for Church Staff – PAGE 8​​ 

  • Guidelines for Music and Worship – PAGE 9​​ 

  • Instructions for Communion​​ Preparation – PAGE 11​​ 

  • Usher Instructions – PAGE 12​​