Our Walls


Our Walls

We strive to follow Jesus Christ by being… ​​ ​​​​ Diligent​​ in ministering to the needs of the world


Our congregation, nestled​​ in the heart of the Nakoma neighborhood, has been a vital asset in Madison's near southwest side neighborhoods for more than 100 years. Because God’s love extends to every person and especially to the marginalized and vulnerable, Christians are invited to​​ share God's grace with children, the poor, the hungry, the shunned. Westminster's outreach to educational, charitable, and service organizations in our neighborhood, Madison, and globally is evidence of our commitment to be​​ 


Diligent in ministering to the needs of the world.



Westminster has partnerships with about 20 community organizations, and we have divided our involvement into those that use our facilities, those​​ Within Our Walls, most​​ notably ​​ Madinah Academy​​ and the Presbyterian Women of Westminster (PWW), and those, mostly neighborhood and local, that function​​ Beyond Our Walls, here most notably​​ Thoreau and Cherokee Heights Schools​​ and​​ Allied Partners. Many members​​ of our congregation individually and generously support other local, national, and global organizations.​​