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We strive to follow Jesus Christ​​ by being…​​ Faithful to our covenant with God and each other

For more than a century Westminster Presbyterian Church, nestled in the heart of Madison's Nakoma neighborhood, has joined with partners of all faiths to share God's love with our neighbors, our community, and our world. As a​​ Matthew 25​​ and​​ Hunger Action​​ congregation, we are committed to Engage With Our Community, Dismantle Structural Racism, Eradicate​​ Systemic Poverty, and Alleviate Hunger And End Its Causes. We are a welcoming, vibrant, inclusive congregation, and we invite you to join us as we

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Grow Spiritually​​ - with excellent worship, preaching and song, small group study and intergenerational​​ learning


Build Community​​ - with small fellowship groups that abound in our church and abundant caregiving, and


Serve Others​​ - children, the poor, the hungry, the shunned - with twenty educational and charitable partners


Westminster welcomes and​​ includes all God's children


Westminster Presbyterian Church is a member of​​ Presbyterian Church U.S.A.,​​ 

the​​ John Knox Presbytery​​ and the​​ Synod of Lakes and Prairies​​