Fourth Sunday in Lent

FIRST SCRIPTURE LESSON        Ephesians 5:8-14


SERMON   “Who Really Is Blind”    MP3 Download (8.29MB)


Today is the Fourth Sunday in Lent, and the liturgical color for the season is purple. We will be marking our journey by snuffing a candle at the end of each service in Lent. This will evoke for us the diminishment of the light of Christ reminiscent of the service of Tenebrae on Good Friday.

Our worship this morning is centered on a story from the gospel of John where Jesus cures a man of blindness. This healing serves as a metaphor for light and darkness and the different meanings attached to this sign from God. As the story progresses it becomes less clear who is blind and who can truly see. We open with a Lenten litany from the Book of Common Worship (PCUSA) expressing our faith in Jesus as the light of the world who saves us and makes us whole. The Opening Hymn expresses our longing for healing in an old African American Spiritual. The rhythmic nature and two equal phrases are common in these spirituals as they were often sung while slaves worked in the field. The Hymn following the sermon was written by Clara Scott, the first woman to publish a collection of anthems. We sing a prayer that our eyes may be opened to see glimpses of truth. In our final hymn we sing the truth that we all long for light even as we wait in darkness.

In todays worship we are incorporating an opportunity for prayer in a service of healing and wholeness. Westminster, on occasion, provides this time for special prayer for those who may desire the experience. The Pastors along with a Ruling Elder will be available at two stations if you desire a private and personal prayer. Whether you need a prayer of healing/wholeness for yourself or a loved one or a friend, please feel free come forward. You are also invited to stay seated and sing and pray as you feel called by God’s Spirit.